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Picture showing Rapid Fire Supplies as members of the BSIF and the Safety Awards as winner of service excellence. Our commitment to providing the best quality PPE and safety gear for our customers

We, Rapid Fire Supplies, uphold the highest standards of quality in providing personal protective equipment (PPE). We supply to businesses, charities, local government and private consumers. Therefore, as part of our commitment to being trustworthy, we have joined the British Safety Industry Federation.

The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) leads the way for PPE regulation. Furthermore, the BSiF is recognised as an authority by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Additionally, it has primary authority with Trading Standards and has active links with many government departments and trade bodies.

Set up in 1994, the Federation has a wide ranging membership. Manufacturers and distributors of safety products, test houses, certification bodies, specialist service providers and safety professionals are all members. Furthermore, the BSIF is firmly established as a major voice of the British Safety Industry. By so doing they are helping to influence legislation. Additionally, they provide industry with a source of information on workplace safety issues, while representing the needs of it’s members.

‘Supporting all those who keep people safe and healthy at work’.

RSSS conditions

BSIF members are required to participate in the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme by:

  • Completing a formal declaration that all products will comply with relevant legislation. Furthermore, any product performance claims are genuine.
  • For PPE. Submitting to the testing of one randomly selected product per year. Additionally, show performance clauses to any standards for which certification is claimed. This audit will include all relevant documentation.
  • Commitment to educate customer facing staff with the BSIF’s publicly recognised OFQUAL Level 2 qualification. ‘The Safety Supply Accreditation’.
  • For distributors and/or importers of PPE. Demonstrate that they comply with the ‘obligations and responsibilities’ required by (EU) 2016/425 through the Compliance Protocol.
  • Having the ability to manage a product recall process and other corrective actions. Additionally, maintaining a quality management system.
  • For safety equipment outside of mainstream PPE, not regulated by publicly available Standards. An audit of relevant documentation and assessment of claims will be made against one product or service.
  • For organisations authorised by manufacturers to service. Calibrate and or re-certify products, submitting to an audit of the manufacturers authorisation.
  • Proof of adequate liability insurance.

Statement to Support and Guide UK Commercial Operators from the HSE and Trading Standards

Rapid Fire Supplies undertakes to supply only safety equipment and/or related services that fully comply with the standards and regulations and claims made relating to those products and/or related services. Where appropriate, this company will maintain up to date technical files and associated documentation to ensure that regulatory compliance information can be supplied upon request.

Where products are sourced from external organisations which hold technical files relating to the products being offered, this company will request confirmation that these files are current, complete, contain appropriate conformity assessment information and, where relevant, regulatory compliance certificates and will take all necessary steps to confirm the validity of the compliance documentation held by that external supplier in respect of the products being sourced.

Where services are provided related to safety equipment sourced from external organisations, this company will maintain approval from the manufacturer that the services provided are assessed and approved by the external organisation.

Anyone can sell safety but you wouldn’t buy safety from just anyone


Audit Processes

For the BSiF scheme to maintain its credibility, it is essential that confidence in the information provided is gained. Importantly, this is done through checks carried out by organisations which have no vested interests. Therefore, the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme (RSSS) operates with an independent governing board.

Within the RSSS, the governing board’s only interest is insuring compliance with the scheme’s requirements. This is because they apply to the elimination of non-compliant, counterfeit and illegal products and services. The scheme audit process focuses on these factors.

To be clear; working procedures, record keeping, staff activity and other elements audited during ISO 9001 inspections, fall outside any RSSS audit.

Additionally, the requirement for RSSS to show evidence of a product recall process can fall under the scope of ISO 9001. This is because it is a management process that needs to be documented, followed and reviewed .

However, products which carry the BSI Kite Mark, or other independent quality marks, will not be further tested within the scheme.


The RSSS website is designed to enable users to understand and engage in the scheme in an easy and straight forward way. Moreover, the site visitor has full access to the members of the scheme thanks to the Supplier search function and supplier list page.

Importantly, the supplier list page has sections for each member of the scheme and includes logo, company name and website, making it easy for users to find trusted PPE.

Importantly, as a supporter you are able to get involved. You benefit from declaring that as a purchaser you will source product, where possible, from RSSS members. Therefore, demonstrating that you see the importance of using a reputable organisation. Additionally, your company will benefit from having their company logo on the RSSS website. This promotes your commitment to the scheme and the fact you are using best practice when it comes to purchasing safety products and PPE.

Furthermore, the RSSS website provides easy access to members of the scheme. If you source safety products and PPE you can use the website. Therefore combating the threat of non-compliant, fake and illegal products within the UK market place.

Becoming an RSSS Supporter – BSiF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme (RSSS) 

All RSSS supporters benefit from their commitment to sourcing quality products. As a result you will find company logo’s on the scheme website listed as an official ‘Supporter’. Additionally, RSSS supporters can use the RSSS logo to demonstrate the commitment they have made in sourcing safety products and PPE the right way. Importantly, you have access to the RSSS website, resources and independent advice.

Additionally as an RSSS supporters you can keep up to date through networking events designed to bring the supply chain closer together.

Ethical and Responsible Purchasing

RSSS Supporters declare that they will always seek to purchase their safety products and PPE from Registered Safety Suppliers. Importantly, they do this as they realise the value of providing their employees with safety equipment that will work and keep them safe. However, procurement departments can save time and money by selecting RSSS members for all of their PPE and safety needs. Furthermore, being supporters of the scheme offers you the chance to help in removing unsafe PPE from the market.

If you currently buy from a non RSSS member ask yourself why wouldn’t they be a member and why wouldn’t you be a supporter?

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