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About Rapid Fire Supplies: Your Trusted Partner in Protective Equipment

Welcome to Rapid Fire Supplies, a company where commitment to excellence in protective equipment is at the heart of everything we do. We ensure top-tier quality and certified products in our range, paired with unparalleled customer service.

In the diverse market of protective equipment suppliers in the UK, our edge lies in our careful selection and trusted partnerships. This commitment guarantees that you, our customer, always receive premium products at competitive prices, ensuring both safety and satisfaction.

Our journey has been marked by forging strong bonds with suppliers and customers who value our work ethic. Transparency is more than a buzzword for us; it’s about honesty. We strive for open and truthful interactions, ensuring our suppliers and clients align with our ethical principles.

Our journey is anchored in building strong, transparent relationships with both suppliers and customers. We believe in honesty as the foundation of our business, ensuring open and genuine interactions with all our stakeholders.

Rapid Fire Supplies was established at the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, driven by a vision to provide protective equipment at fair prices, countering the trend of inflated costs. Our ethos is rooted in integrity, reflecting our dedication to fair and ethical business practices.

We stand out with our dual expertise in both the procurement and logistical aspects of protective equipment. Our service extends beyond just selling — we provide full supply chain support, from purchasing to delivery. Discover more about our commitment to sustainability in our Environmental Policy.

Meet Our Founders

Craig Eddy (Co-owner): Craig’s 21-year experience with leading companies has shaped his vision for a customer-centric approach. His goal is to offer seamless services that overcome typical logistical challenges in the protective equipment sector.

Nikki Little (Co-owner): Nikki brings 22 years of diverse experience, known for her results-driven approach and innovation. Her professionalism, coupled with a friendly demeanor, has been instrumental in building lasting trust with our customers and suppliers.

At Rapid Fire Supplies, we’re more than just a supplier; we’re a dedicated partner in ensuring your safety through high-quality protective equipment. Connect with us to experience our exceptional service in the UK’s protective equipment industry.

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